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In Turkey


Shaped by thousands of years of history and the ancient Anatolian culture, Turkish culture is now being shaped and improved by the 200 thousand international students living in Turkey. Turkey is the meeting point between Europe and Asia. Accordingly, Turkey has a quite dynamic social life. Interpersonal relations in Turkish social life are strong and social life is based on mutual tolerance, understanding, and benevolence. In our society, where relationships in the family and between the relatives are strong, concepts such as neighborhood and fellow-townsmen ship also maintain their importance. Turkey is an outdoor living museum with plenty of historical sites and monuments. 93% of the population of the country lives in urban areas.

As a peninsula in the Mediterranean, Turkey is surrounded by three different seas. Thousands of kilometers of coastline are full of beaches, bays, harbors, and islands. The summer season in Turkey lasts up to eight months in some areas. Additionally, Turkey has an excellent climate for summer and winter tourism. Due to its unique geographical location, Turkey offers the guest four different climates significantly changing from region to region. The Black Sea welcomes visitors with its mild climate, lush mountain views, rugged coastline, and high plateaus. The southern coasts with a Mediterranean climate house ancient olive grove, fruit & vegetable gardens, and offer a long summer season. Aegean region offers a visual feast to the visitors with its magical forests and beaches.

Turkish lifestyle is a colorful mosaic that connects the modern and ancient worlds of Eastern and Western cultures and traditions. It witnessed many significant events in history, from the footsteps of the Ottoman sultans to Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Turkey houses modernity, attractions, and good food. You can wander through under the shadow of many works of art or in the palace gardens in Turkey. Turkey offers an opportunity to get a relatively cheap and quality education for students with monthly scholarships covering accommodation and tuition fees, health insurance, and travel expenses.