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Maarif Agengy

Maarif Agengy

Maarif Agengy

Maarif Agency provides international students reliable information about education opportunities in Turkey and abroad. Our extensive network of approachable experts help you identify and secure the university or college where you can thrive. We can connect you to the courses you desire to pursue in the most suitable university or institution located in the right country. 

Maarif Agency offers different education programs for students who want to study. It offers educational services such as undergraduate and postgraduate programs, language courses, summer schools in different countries of the world, especially in America, Canada, and England.

What We Do
  • To establish educational bridges between universities and students,
  • To introduce the educational opportunities offered by universities,
  • Counseling on university education, program and country,
  • Guidance service about preferred country and city (orientation),
  • Planning and helping the educational career of students,
  • Organizing University Education Fairs,
  • Organizing Online University Education Fairs,
  • Organizing university campus trips,
  • Providing language school and summer course services for students in different countries such as (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, France etc.),
  • Organizing YÖS (International for Students) exam,
  • Welcome Package for international students.

YÖS (International for Students) Exam

The YÖS Examination is an entrance examination designed for foreign students wishing to study in higher education institutions in Turkey. The YÖS exam is the entrance examination of foreign students at the Turkish universities. This exam will allow students to study subjects such as Medicine, Law, Psychology, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and more in Turkey.

Education Fairs

The Maarif Agency organizes education fairs to increase the number of international students at universities in Turkey and to promote the activities of Turkish universities abroad. As Maarif Agency, many Turkey Education Fairs are organized in different countries of the world.

Language Course and Summer School

The Maarif Agency organizes summer schools and language courses for students in countries such as America, Canada, England, France and Malta. Educational programs are organized with the world’s best educational institutions to help students improve their language levels. These programs give students the opportunity to learn different languages and cultures.

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